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The chemical peel is one of the oldest cosmetic procedures in the world. Today chemical peels are among the most popular and widely recognised methods of improving the health and appearance of skin by removing dead skin cells and encouraging new ones to grow. Chemical peel depth can range from very superficial to deep, although several light depth peels can often achieve similar results to one deeper peel treatment, with less risk and shorter recovery time.

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A skin peel is a treatment in which an acid solution is used to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin and create a uniform and controlled shedding of several layers of the skin.  In performing skin/chemical peels, therapists apply alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) such as glycolic acid, or beta hydroxy such as salicylic acid. There are also other acid peels used for example TCA which is medical grade.

Acids aid in the removal or shedding of the outer layers of dead skin, revealing a new skin layer with improved tone, texture, and color and will speed up the process of cell renewal and production and will create a visible fresher and more vibrant appearance.

Typically administered as a facial peel, skin peels enhance and improve the condition of the skin and aids in restoring and rejuvenating the skins surface.  It is an effective treatment and can improve the appearance of sun damage, freckles, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, skin texture, blemishes and uneven skin pigmentation and acne scarring.  

In addition to full facial rejuvenation, certain types of skin peels can also be used to target specific areas and to remove stretch marks or rejuvenate skin elsewhere on the body.

Skin peels are one of the oldest cosmetic procedures in the world, and was performed in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome to help people achieve smoother, more beautiful skin. 

Today,  facial peels are popular because they offer nearly immediate results and some even have no down time.


  • Exfoliates dead skin cells from the surface leaving the skin softer, smoother, and brighter.

  • Removes several layers of the epidermis revealing a brighter more youthful skin

  • Decongests the pores reducing the possibility of acne break outs by helping keep pores clear from the congestion that triggers acne.

  • Controls excess oil production.

  • Encourages skin cell turnover which boosts collagen production, leading to a fresher firmer toned complexion, which also reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Removes blackheads. 

  • Ideal for normal skin, Sensitive skin, Sun damaged or blemished skin. For oily, combination and/or acne prone skin. 

Helps reduce the appearance of acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation, sun spots, fades blemishes, freckles, age spots, and post acne blemishes.


Skin Peels


Skin Peels

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This course does require a £50 deposit to secure your place.

Balance due 14 days prior to course start date.

Kit available for £ 214.10 (ex VAT)

Duration: 1 Day course

Pre-requisites: Beauty therapy level 2, Facial course, advanced facial training or equivalent.

Please check with your own insurance that they will cover you for this treatment once trained.

Class size: Maximum 4

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend the training course on the date booked you must let us know a minimum of 14 days before the course date or your payment will not be referred to the next available date. Once we have received your deposit your course is non transferable to another training course.